ABQ CiQlovía 2014 – A Synopsis and Analysis + 2015 Plans

– Dan Majewski

It is with great pleasure that I am sharing our ABQ CiQlovía 2014 report today.  Valerie Hermanson, Tara Cok and I have been hard at work putting this together and we are pleased to announce its completion.

Click the image below to see the report and tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

Click the image above to view and read our report!
Click the image above to view and read our report!

In addition to our report, we are officially launching the effort for ABQ CiQlovía 2015!  Right now, we have identified four areas for a route location: the South Valley, the Heart of Downtown, Nob Hill and the International District.  Regarding the date, we are leaning towards late September again but we are open to suggestions.  Join us in selecting the route and date moving forward.

We will be announcing a kickoff happy hour within the next few weeks.  Follow ABQ CiQlovía on Facebook for more information on this process.

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