A Day of Action – the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

Join us at our first ever Urban Albuquerque Action Forum!

If you’re interested in topics including but not limited to street trees, rainwater harvesting, crime & safety, arts & culture, heritage, history & historic properties, development, parking, zoning and density in the Heart of the City this event is for you! Grow these or bring your own!

Help us create an Urban Albuquerque Agenda for the next mayor and decide what the policy priorities should be in the next four years! 

CLICK HERE to see the Facebook event and join it for up-to-the-minute updates on the event!

We invite you to sign-up as a co-host by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and commenting as well!

Being a co-host simply means that you will:

  1. Join us at the Action Forum
  2.  You will invite others to join us as well 

Full invite is below, please share!

urbanabq august action forum invite 7.6.17 final image

Become a co-host! Fill out the form below: 

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