UrbanABQ Presents… Conversations with the Candidates

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our first ever Action Forum on Saturday, August 5th! We had many great conversations and if you missed them, or want to get a refresher on what we talked about, CLICK HERE to read all of the notes. Feel free to comment on them too!

Out of the collaborative conversations at our Action Forum emerged a concept for our Mayoral Forum – “Conversations with the Candidates: A Fast-Paced Forum with Albuquerque’s 2017 Mayoral Candidates”

WHEN: September 13th, 6-8 PM
The Hotel Blue – 717 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

CLICK HERE to see the Facebook event for the forum

Details on our mayoral candidate forum are as follows (skip to the bottom to see the flyer):

As we began to talk to each other about the mayoral forum, we realized that we were tired of the same old candidate forum format. The traditional format creates an “us vs them” environment. The candidates sit up on stage at a table, while everyone is in the audience. There is little engagement between the audience (the voters) and the candidates.

With our format, “Conversations with the Candidate”, every attendee will participate in a conversation with every candidate.

The Topics

As a group, we identified 8 topic areas that typically come up at our meetings and that are important to us as a group (listed in no particular order):

1) Local Economy; 2) Housing/Zoning; 3) Community Engagement/ Connectivity/Communications/Information; 4) Active Transportation & Safety; 5) Vision for the Central Corridor; 6) Public Safety & Crime; 7) Environment, Sustainability & Resources; 8) Health.

The Format

Each table will have a moderator, an Urban ABQ representative, a rotating candidate and other key people who will help to facilitate focused conversations.

The moderator will be responsible for leading the conversation and asking each candidate the questions we are developing. Each candidate will only have 15 minutes at each table so the objective will be focused conversation around ideas the candidate has for making our city better on the given topic at each table.

Now, we’re asking YOU to help us fill the seats! We have a limited number of chairs at each table so we’re trying to identify exactly WHO should be at each table.

Have some ideas? Add names to our spreadsheet! Note that each tab at the bottom corresponds with the topic and the table.
CLICK HERE to add names to the spreadsheet! 

Do you have any questions? Are you with the media and would you like to cover this forum?
Please contact us at urbanabq505@gmail.com!

Thank you
– Dan

The event flyer:

Click the flyer to open it a new tab! Feel free to share it as well!


Upcoming Events

Next UrbanABQ meeting: Thursday, September 7th, 6 PM at The Hotel Blue – 717 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 – link to the Facebook event, please join it! – https://www.facebook.com/events/1584818228224538 – this will be a planning meeting for the Mayoral forum

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