Do You Want to Shape the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

Updated: Oct 11

It started with an invitation. On Saturday, August 5th, people gathered for a community Action Forum. They worked together throughout the day and generated 8 broad topic areas that they wanted to focus on in order to improve urban Albuquerque:

Public Health & Poverty; Local Economy; Housing & Zoning; Public Safety & Crime; Active Transportation & Safety; Vision for the Central Corridor; Environment & Urban Resources;  Community Engagement & Communications

This gathering lead to a second invitation.

On September 13th at The Hotel Blue, over 100 people gathered and participated in 8 rounds of fast-paced conversations with the mayoral candidates.  The unique format of this mayoral forum featured the 8 topics at 8 tables, 7 candidates and 8 short rounds of conversation.

The conversational format revealed different sides of the mayoral candidates in table discussions with the mix of public and private sector leaders, community activists, multidisciplinary professionals, and other committed people. In this way, UrbanABQ and others are inviting people who love Albuquerque to focus on shaping the built environment to support places people love + places that love people through policy, practices, and planning.

Packed room for our mayoral forum on Wednesday, September 13th

The Next Invitation is to You

 On Saturday, November 18that the Albuquerque Convention Center, you’re invited to join other motivated and committed city residents to continue the conversations that have been started and start to move toward action on an issue or opportunity you’re most passionate about.

Among the many participants—from the public and private sector, neighborhood and non-profit arenas, and people who want to join others and make the change we want in our city—we’ll work together to refine and shape the questions and topics into doable, measurable, and achievable actions. Some we’ve been doing and others can reinforce. Other’s we’ll start to do. And where appropriate, we’ll invite the city and the new administration to help. Together, we will set the priorities and invite others to work with us to make progress and achieve results.

We will be using the Open Space format, just like the August forum where the 8 topics were brought forward. Our rough schedule for the day will be:

  • 10:00am  Intro & and setting the day’s agenda together
  • 10:30am  Break out session 1
  • 11:30am  Break out session 2
  • 12:30pm  Reconvene as a large group and set agenda for afternoon & lunch
  • 1:30pm  Break out session 3
  • 2:30pm  Reflections & immediate next steps

Below is the invitation. If you’re planning to invite others, send them this link to the Google doc (, and please add your name to the bottom.

What are the Issues & Opportunities for
Shaping the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

We held a community forum that identified 8 topics.  Over 100 people discussed them with the mayoral candidates. We’re ready to take the next steps.  This is a critical time in our city.
Join us for a Citywide Summit.

Bring your ideas and passions. Let’s generate action on these 8 topics:  

Public Health & Poverty  •  Local Economy Housing & Zoning Public Safety & Crime Active Transportation & Safety Vision for the Central CorridorEnvironment & Urban ResourcesCommunity Engagement & Communications

Saturday, November 18, 10 AM–3:30 PM
Albuquerque Convention Center

(Ballroom B) (map)

Attendance is free. Lunch is $20. Click here to register.
All are welcome to attend, including families. Youth are encouraged to participate.

What will happen?

  • Participants will set the agenda. The only issues & opportunities we discuss are those that you bring.
  • You will work only on the issues that are most important to you. You will not waste time!
  • All issues will receive as full a discussion as you choose to give them.
  • Together we’ll draft action plans of immediate next steps that you want to pursue.
  • You will receive a written record of the discussions and recommendations before you leave.

Hosted by Urban ABQ with Co-conveners:
(those who agree the theme is a good one, will attend, and invite others interested)
UNM Design + Planning Assistance Center • Sanctuary at ABQ • Bike ABQ • Transition ABQ • Xeriscape Council of New Mexico • Michaele Pride • Leila Salim • Cristina Rogers • Beta Helena Valencia • Danny Lilly • Lee Ratzlaff • Clifton Chadwick • Michael Vos • Dan Majewski • Brian Reilly • Terra Reed • Jenn Katz • Ansu Kuruvilla • Judith Edwards • Small Business Resource Collaborative and a growing list of others. Add your name / org here.

Join the Facebook event!
Invite others by sharing the link to the invitation doc:


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