Albuquerque is an amazing city.  

Research universities and facilities, amazing weather, second to none outdoor recreation, incredible ethnic and cultural diversity, and a burgeoning urban character are just a few things that define and attract us to this amazing place. The Duke City has endless potential.

However, there are elements that are lacking. Its nascent urban character is in need of a little help and encouragement.  The City’s walkability in the majority of the city, for instance, is desperately lacking in good facilities.  There are pockets of urbanity and strong urban design, but they certainly are not the norm.

Fortunately, this is changing and is where UrbanABQ.com enters the game.

This site and our group primarily:

  • Reports on relevant private sector developments, focused primarily on the “core” of the Albuquerque metro area
  • Reports on relevant public sector investments in infrastructure
  • Serves as a center for information about important public meetings and opportunities for involvement
  • Discusses and provides commentary on the issues of walkability, transportation, urban design, and general urbanity

We will continually be looking for guest and regular contributors so feel free to contact us with story ideas and please comment when you feel inclined.

Thanks for reading!

About Dan Majewski

danmajewski.com – Personal Website

Growing up in the Far Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, NM, Dan was a typical suburban youth. He drove everywhere and thought nothing about automobile dependence.

He began attending University of Arizona in Tucson in 2008 without his car. Living on campus was easy without a vehicle. Once he moved a few miles away from campus, transportation became more of a challenge. Dan embraced it, depending on public transit and his bicycle for transportation. During these years, Dan took many trips to other cities and countries. It soon became apparent that Americas built environment and transportation policy was broken. America needed more places for people instead of places for automobiles.

In Tucson, Dan joined theLiving Streets Alliance, a group focused on making Tucson more friendly for people instead of places for automobiles. He also worked at the City of Tucson researching future bicycle boulevard routes and Perimeter Bicycling/Pima County, which focused on safety and advocacy for bicycling in the region. It was through these groups that he learned about ciclovia/open streets events, eventually starting ABQ CiQlovia with Valerie Hermanson in 2014. ABQ CiQlovia is on its fourth year but Dan is no longer heavily involved.

Currently, Dan is the primary content contributor for urbanabq.com and, along with a team of others, manages the UrbanABQ Facebook page with other local urbanists. He currently lives on the western edge of Downtown Albuquerque.

All views expressed by Dan or others on this website are views of his/their own and do not reflect the views of anyones respective employers.

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