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  1. I just want to thank you for all the hard work. I worked on development of ART with Mayor Jack Kolbert back in 1975.In fact, it was me that coined the term ART. I did research on this bus rapid transit at UNM Technology Application Center for Jimmy Carter. Few know this, but in 1950, the engineers who designed the street system, knew the day would come when Albuquerque would want a transit system. They came up with a bus express system, the idea being to convert the interior two lanes to bus lanes, with passenger stations in the middle of the street. That was very very visionary on part of our grandparents. 50% of all trips can be on transit, citywide. The right a way has been there all along. We can do this not on just Central, but also Wyoming, Eubank, Menaul, Montgomery, Candaleria, etc. While my work at UNM was suppressed (I was denied my Masters Thesis at UNM), I am pleased to tell you it was used as base work for the Seattle area Sound Transit bus express system. When the price of gasoline went up to $3, it kept the region out of a recession. Saturday, we will be opening the new subway in Seattle, and the bus express system is being rerouted to it. BUSINESS IS BOOMING. Many of the same things I hear people saying down there (fears, etc) were said in 1990, when we built the RTA here. History repeats itself. I am really pleased to see this going on. It has made me really happy to see the town I grew up in doing this. Thank You. Martin Nix

    1. Martin, thank you for your feedback! I look forward to both of us being able to ride the ART someday soon. Your foresight is impressive and I’m glad there are other cities out there which valued your work. I have a feeling that the ART project will set the stage for implementation of the vision you articulated so many years ago. Looking forward to riding all the new transit in Seattle next time I’m up there!
      – Dan

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