A Bright Future for Urban Albuquerque – 2017 In Review

Published by the Urban ABQ Communications and Outreach Committee

Looking back, 2017 was a busy year for Urban ABQ. Over 250 people shaped our many events- and if you were one of those people, we thank you for your time, energy, volunteerism and dedication! Click the following links to learn more about/review the 3 major events we led this year:

Saturday, August 5th (30+ attendees): A Day of Action – the Future of Urban Albuquerque

Wednesday, September 13th (100+ attendees): Conversations with the City of Albuquerque Mayoral Candidates

Saturday, November 18th (150+ attendees) – Citywide Summit – Shape the Future of Urban Albuquerque


We hosted these events so that we could engage people in Albuquerque around a question:

What is the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

Urban ABQ has been meeting for many years. However, in a year where a new mayor was being elected, a once-in-a-generation update to the city’s plan and zoning code was being written and passed into law, and the largest transit investment in Albuquerque’s history was being built, and we wanted to engage more people in the community. Through these 2017 events, a diversity of people from all over Albuquerque are shaping an urban narrative for Albuquerque’s new leadership. We’re building a coalition of locals, over 500 strong so far, who love the Heart of Albuquerque- and want to see a city filled with more places for people.

On the question about the future, issues emerged during our August event in the form of 8 broad topics:

Public Health & Poverty  /   Local Economy  /   Housing & Zoning   /   Public Safety & Crime   /   Active Transportation & Safety  /   Vision for the Central Corridor  /   Environment & Urban Resources  /   Community Engagement & Communications

Going forward as a group, we will focus on these topics and how they relate to urbanism in Albuquerque (click here to learn more about what urban Albuquerque is). These topics reflect the various projects we’ve been involved in over the years and the conversations we’ve been having as a group for years, primarily through our Facebook page and on this website.

What’s Next?

All Urban ABQ 2018 meeting dates

Here is our monthly meeting schedule for this coming year. Monthly meetings are where we will be planning events, hearing reports from our committees and more! Meetings occur on the last Thursday of every month. We currently have four committees: Communications and Outreach, Programing, Logistics, and Finance.
If you would like to join a committee, email us at urbanabq505@gmail.com.

Click here to see and join the Facebook event for all of our monthly meetings! 

Next Event – A Postcard for Mayor Keller

Besides our regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, January 25th, join us at City Hall on Monday, Jan 29th at 4 PM to present a giant postcard to mayor Tim Keller! This postcard contains messages to the mayor from the people who attended the Citywide Summit on Saturday, Nov 18th. It will be a chance to engage the new administration around the issues we as group care most about.

Click here to see the Facebook event- and please join it and invite others!

We need as many people as possible to join us for this photo op- so please come and invite people, especially if you were a part of the Citywide Summit. Let us show the new administration how many people in Albuquerque care about creating more places for people.

We look forward to working with you this coming year!

Urban ABQ: People Who Love Places, Places that Love People

Do You Want to Shape the Future of Urban Albuquerque?

Updated: Nov 3

Click here to register for the Citywide Summit on Nov 18th!

Click here to see the invitation to the Citywide Summit on Nov 18th, in English and Español!

Click here to see the Facebook event! 

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It started with an invitation. On Saturday, August 5th, people gathered for a community Action Forum. They worked together throughout the day and generated 8 broad topic areas that they wanted to focus on in order to improve urban Albuquerque:

Public Health & Poverty; Local Economy; Housing & Zoning; Public Safety & Crime; Active Transportation & Safety; Vision for the Central Corridor; Environment & Urban Resources;  Community Engagement & Communications

This gathering lead to a second invitation.

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UrbanABQ Presents… Conversations with the Candidates

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our first ever Action Forum on Saturday, August 5th! We had many great conversations and if you missed them, or want to get a refresher on what we talked about, CLICK HERE to read all of the notes. Feel free to comment on them too!

Out of the collaborative conversations at our Action Forum emerged a concept for our Mayoral Forum – “Conversations with the Candidates: A Fast-Paced Forum with Albuquerque’s 2017 Mayoral Candidates”

WHEN: September 13th, 6-8 PM
The Hotel Blue – 717 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

CLICK HERE to see the Facebook event for the forum

Details on our mayoral candidate forum are as follows (skip to the bottom to see the flyer):

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UrbanABQ Asks: What Questions Do YOU Have About Healthy, Equitable Urbanism?

Flyer for the event
Flyer for the event

On the evening of Thursday, December 1st, UNM professor Michaele Pride spoke at the Hotel Andaluz as a part of the “UrbanABQ Presents” speaker series. This event was co-sponsored by the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department.

The topic of the talk was “Healthy, Equitable Urbanism” and the audience was exposed to a variety of best practices from around the world on how to make cities more livable places using a variety of methods.

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6 Positive Projects from 2016 & A Look Ahead

Written and Edited By Members of the UrbanABQ Collective and Better Burque

Check out BetterBurque.org for in-depth, Albuquerque-focused articles about bicycle and pedestrian safety, infrastructure and more! 

MLK looking east at the Edith intersection. Though there are still issues with some of the intersections along the corridor, the changes have overall created a vastly improved cycling environment.
MLK looking east at the Edith intersection. Though there are still issues with some of the intersections along the corridor, the changes have overall created a vastly improved cycling environment.

A Series of Predictions

In late 2014, we wrote an article called “A Great 2014 + The 2015 Forecast,” which can be found HEREThat piece covered positive changes that happened over the previous year and investigated some things we wanted to see happen in 2015.

Much of what we wanted to see in 2015 didn’t happen … until this year, 2016. In fact, most of the items on that list have become a reality in the last couple of months! So, we decided it was time for an update on the update:

Recent Positive Happenings:

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TAKE ACTION: Email Your City Councilor and/or Speak at City Council on Monday

– By Leila Salim, Michael Vos, Dan Majewski and other members of the UrbanABQ team

March 17, 2016

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On Monday, March 21, beginning at 5 PM, there will be a City Council vote on Albuquerque Rapid Transit. 

We have been told that this could be the vote that makes or breaks the project. We have also been told that City Council has been receiving primarily negative feedback on the project.

This is our deciding moment.

Have you been sitting on the sidelines? Have you been unable to attend meetings or unable to articulate your support for the project?

Make your voice heard!

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