Next 5 Steps for Creating a Transit System in Albuquerque

– And Why They Are Critical to the Future of Our City

By the Urban ABQ Communications and Outreach Committee

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A rapid transit network should connect our regional job centers

Despite multiple years of job growth, Albuquerque is still lagging behind our peer cities when it comes to our local economy.

From Houston to Denver to Phoenix to Los Angeles, cities in our region and across the country, cities with fast growing economies, are investing in regional rapid transit networks. They are doing much more than building single lines or projects. Instead, they are creating networks to connect their job centers.

An effective public transportation system can help our city, making Albuquerque work for the businesses and people who are here now, and for those that might want to join us in the future. For all its controversies, the Albuquerque Rapid Transit is an important first step towards building the transit system of the future.

Transit systems should, fundamentally, increase access to the city for the people within it. There are many ways to increase access to services, one of which is changing land use, something our recently updated zoning code and comprehensive plan attempts to address. However, changing land use takes a long time. If we want to quickly connect more people in Albuquerque to more opportunities, creating a transit network is essential. Of course, there are many other major benefits to creating a transit network, including a fast track towards cleaner air and less pollution.

In short, construction on Central is complete. Soon, clean quiet all-electric buses will arrive, and rapid transit service on Central between Unser, Tramway and Uptown will begin.

It is time to start thinking about the Future of Transit in ABQ

According to various reports and studies, the Next 5 Steps for improving the transit system in Albuquerque should be:
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